Communicating with AV32R DP or AV192R


AV32R Dual Processor and AV192R support serial communication via a TAGtronic Programming Cable. The serial format is 115.2kBaud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. The Programming Cable converts RS232 levels to the RS485 levels of the TAGtronic bus. Only connect the black plug (to the "out" socket) for communication with REW.
TAGtronic Programming Lead

Owners of AV192R with the front panel inputs option can connect to the unit's front panel programming connector using the RS232-jack plug lead.

The serial interface allows REW to read loudspeaker configuration and filter settings from the unit and to send filter settings to the unit.

REW only supports serial communication on Windows platforms using 32-bit REW builds. The COM port is set via the Comms panel in the Preferences dialog.

Communicating with a TAG McLaren AV Processor

Connect to the AV processor using the programming lead. If using the rear panel connections, plug the black lead into the "out" socket. Do not connect the red lead.

Backup TAG McLaren AV Processor Settings

Before proceeding further it is advisable to back up the settings in your AV32R DP or AV192R using the TMA User Settings Backup utility.

Read and Save Current Filter Settings

Use the Retrieve Channel Filter Settings from Unit (Ctrl+F) entry in the Equaliser menu to retrieve the current TMREQ filter settings for a channel from the processor then save them as a .req file using the Save Filters entry in the File menu.

Selecting the Test Signal Input on AV32R DP or AV192R

Select the AV processor input to which the soundcard's output has been connected then go to the TMREQ menu. If the channel you wish to measure already has filters defined, they can be disabled temporarily by pressing the eject key on the remote control (the record key is used to re-enable them).

Go into one of the filter menus for the channel and set the Test Signal to Current R. Set Repeat Sig. to No (this is only used when you want to measure the effect of running two speakers at the same time). Set Bass Redir. to No, which prevents the subwoofer being activated when measuring a Bass Limited speaker - the signal which would normally be redirected to the subwooofer is discarded. After making corrections, re-measuring with Bass Redir. set to Yes will allow the integration between the speaker and the subwoofer to be checked.

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