Tools Menu

Measure Ctrl+M
Make a new measurement (brings up the measurement dialog)

Measure dialog
IR Windows Ctrl+Shift+W
Show the Impulse Response windows dialog

IR Windows Panel

SPL Ctrl+Shift+M
Show the SPL Meter

SPL Meter

SPL Logger Ctrl+Shift+O
Show the SPL Logger window
Generator Ctrl+Shift+R
Show the Signal Generator

Signal Generator

Levels Ctrl+Shift+L
Show the Level Meters

Level Meters
EQ Ctrl+Shift+Q
Show the EQ window
Overlays Ctrl+Shift+V
Show the Overlays window
Info Ctrl+N
Show the Measurement Info window

Measurement Info Panel
RTA Ctrl+Shift+T
Show the RTA window
Thiele Small Parameters Ctrl+Shift+P
Show the Thiele Small Parameters window
Room Sim Ctrl+Shift+K
Show the Room Simulator window
Relative gain and phase
Show the Relative gain and phase panel

Relative gain and phase
Frequency meter
Show the Frequency meter, which displays the average frequency of the measurement input determined by oversampling the input data and measuring the intervals between interpolated positive transitions of the input through its mean value within each block of input data. The minimum frequency is approximately 10 Hz, minimum input level for reliable values is approximately -60 dBFS. Note that although the meter has 0.01 Hz precision it is only as accurate as the ADC clock.

Frequency meter
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