EQ Filters Panel

The EQ Filters panel is displayed by clicking its button at the top of the EQ window.
EQ Filters Button

The panel shows the filters settings for the current measurement. Buttons at the top of the panel allow the filter settings to be sorted, loaded, saved or deleted and the sort direction and key to be specified. The equaliser type can be changed in the Equaliser selector at the right of the EQ window.

EQ Filters Panel

Filter Controls

Each filter has:

The DSP1124P mode has an additional display showing frequency in the form in which is must be entered on that unit, i.e. as a one-third octave centre and a fine adjustment which ranges from -9 to +10 (63 -5 in the example below).
BFD Pro Filter Controls

The Modal filter type is a peaking filter whose bandwidth or Q is adjusted by REW to match a Target T60 time, it is used to accurately counter a modal resonance whose T60 time is known. To match a specific T60 time the filter's bandwidth or Q must be altered as its gain or centre frequency change. REW chooses the bandwidth or Q setting supported by the selected equaliser that most closely matches the target T60.
Modal Filter Controls

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