Calibrating the SPL Reading

Calibrating the SPL reading gives REW an absolute SPL reference by entering a reading from your SPL meter while a speaker or subwoofer calibration signal is playing. Alternatively a microphone calibrator may be used. This step is not required if you are using a USB mic with a cal file that contains a sensitivity figure.

SPL Calibration Procedure

  1. Select the Cal files tab of the Preferences panel
  2. If you are using an SPL meter as the microphone when making your measurements:
  3. If you are using a measurement microphone leave Input device is a C Weighted SPL Meter unchecked
  4. Open the REW SPL meter by clicking the SPL Meter button in the toolbar then press the Calibrate button
  5. On the dialog which appears choose whether to calibrate the meter reading using your subwoofer or a main speaker driven by a calibration signal generated within REW, or to use an external test signal you provide, making the appropriate selection in the drop-down box and clicking OK.
    Choose SPL Cal Signal

  6. Enter the reading from your external SPL meter (not the REW meter) in the calibration panel and press Finished when done
    Calibrating the SPL Reading

For more information about the REW SPL Meter see the SPL Meter help

SPL Calibration Notes

REW is now ready to make measurements.

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