Level Meters

The Level meters show the RMS level as a coloured bar and a numeric value at the bottom of the meter and the peak value as a red line and a numeric value at the top of the meter. Levels shown on the bar are in dB below Full Scale.

The numeric value for the output meters is in the units that have been selected on the generator (dBu, dBV, Volts or dBFS).

The numeric value for the input meters is in the units selected by right-clicking on the meter (dB SPL, dBFS, dBu, dBV, dBW, Volts or Watts). Values other than dBFS depend on the input full scale setting on the RTA window or, for SPL, the SPL meter calibration. The SPL figure is unweighted and does not take into account any mic calibration file effects.

Level Meters

The orientation of the meters can be switched between vertical and horizontal using the right click menu.

Level Meters horizontal

When using multi-input capture (Pro upgrade) the meters can show levels for up to 32 inputs, according to the setting in the View preferences.

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