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Online help for the current beta version can be found in the Beta help files

V5.19 beta 8 14th January 2018
  • Reduced waterfall controls width to help formatting on low resolution screens
  • Added a View preference to show or hide the toolbar, hiding it makes more space on low resolution screens
  • Added a welcome message on startup with pointers to initial steps
  • RTA graph images captured with distortion panel showing also include the RMS level panel
  • Added 50 Hz as a 1/3 octave step for RT60 and Filtered IR
  • Added new controls for the filter frequency on the Filtered IR graph, with selection boxes to enable and next and previous buttons
  • Added support for 32-bit and 64-bit float PCM data when importing impulse, audio and sweep files
  • Added 352.8k and 384k sample rate options for filter IR export and append sample rate to default filename
  • If a WAV file being imported has two channels label them left and right rather than 1 and 2
  • Allow 192k sample rate with Java drivers on Linux
  • Bug fix: Predicted phase did not update when changing impulse t=0 offset
  • Bug fix: Import audio files did not work for mono WAV files
  • Bug fix: When an FDW was being applied phase response was incorrect if win ref time was not 0
  • Bug fix: When using a USB mic and ASIO4All there could be multiple requests for the mic cal file on startup if the cal file did not have a sensitivity figure
  • Bug fix: Exporting an impulse response that had only a short non-zero portion could result in a file that was all zero valued
  • Bug fix: Import sweep recordings could give incorrect results if the current REW soundcard sample rate was less than the WAV sample rate
  • Bug fix: Don't disable the output channel selector when output selection is not available
UMIK-1 miniDSP UMIK-1 calibrated USB measurement microphone
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EMM-6 Dayton Audio EMM-6 calibrated analog measurement microphone
US link
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FR link
UR22 MkII Steinberg UR22 MkII USB audio interface
US link
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FR link
Scarlett Solo Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface
US link
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FR link
miniDSP 2x4 HD miniDSP 2x4 HD DSP / Equaliser / USB DAC / crossover
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V5.19 beta 7 1st October 2017
  • Added ability to import sweep recordings and generate measurements from them
  • Added sweep level, timing ref level and sample rate selection when saving measurement sweep to WAV file
  • Added sweep settings information into measurement sweep files saved as WAV
  • Added option to capture spectrum data when making stepped sine measurements, the data can be viewed on waterfall and spectrogram plots
  • Use FFT bin frequencies in stepped sine measurement
  • Added 88.2k and 96k sample rates when using Java drivers. Make sure the input and output devices are configured in the OS to operate at the rate selected in REW, otherwise the OS will resample between the selected rate and the rate at which the input or output device is actually running.
  • Added a menu entry to import audio data files for analysis
  • Adjusted frequency-dependent windowing filter characteristics to improve wavelet spectrogram resolution
  • Added linear amplitude scale settings for spectrograms (percent of peak or percent of full scale) and a percent full scale log setting
  • Increased time axis resolution of spectrogram plots
  • Revised the spectrogram time span controls to have separate controls for the spans before and after the IR peak
  • Added a frequency axis selector to spectrogram to allow frequency to be on the X or Y axis
  • Added a Fill spectrogram floor control, when selected REW uses the bottom of the spectrogram colour scheme to fill areas that have levels below the floor of the graph
  • Added peak energy time as a separate trace on the spectrogram graph with time values in the graph legend
  • Added window type selector in spectrogram controls and, for imported audio data, in waterfall controls
  • The Y axis zoom out button on the spectrogram graph automatically limits to the full span of the spectrogram
  • Added option to use colour bands in spectrogram
  • Allow up to 501 slices in the waterfall - note that using more slices will increase memory use and the time taken to generate waterfall plots
  • Added a spectrogram-style colour scheme option to the waterfall plot for graduated colours
  • Made the cursor frequency line drawn over the surface of the waterfall more visible
  • Updated the waterfall help for CSD mode to warn that window width should be greater than time range
  • When using ASIO automatically reload the ASIO driver after the sample rate is changed
  • Added A and C weighted input level figures on the RTA
  • Added FBQ1000 as new name for DSP1124P
  • Allow up to 35 m room dimensions for room simulator and modal analysis
  • Additional input level check during SPL calibration to try and prevent incorrect calibration results
  • Trace arithmetic treats inputs as incoherent if they do not both have phase data
  • Reintroduced file overwrite check on OS X as OS no longer performs it
  • Revised trace colour defaults
  • Added a "separate traces" button for the All SPL graph
  • Added units labels to the graph limits dialog
  • No longer show measurement notes in tooltip for overlay graph legend selectors (gets in the way)
  • Moved Measure menu entry into the Tools menu
  • Added an Import sub-menu in the File menu
  • Made the graph cursor easier to see, especially on high resolution screens
  • State of measurement panel expand/collapse button is remembered for next startup; default for screens of 1200 pixels or less is collapsed
  • Default for showing graph scroll bars on screens of 1200 pixels or less is not to show them
  • Bug fix: 5.19 beta versions 4 to 6 were not compatible with Java 7 (used a Java 8 method)
  • Bug fix: Spectrogram contour interval was not remembered for next startup
  • Bug fix: Soundcard cal could fail to complete if measurement sweep had been set to a length above 256k
  • Bug fix: Traces with colours that changed along the trace were not rendered correctly on retina macs
V5.19 beta 6 24th June 2017
  • Play a minimum level sine wave before the sweep starts to help with signal lock for digital connections e.g. HDMI
  • Capture the noise floor before sweep and stepped sine measurements
  • Added option to mask distortion harmonics that are below the noise floor (on by default)
  • Show harmonics used in THD calculation in trace name
  • When saving filter coefficients to file for Generic equaliser only include enabled filters
  • Faster operation of the right click menu items in the overlay legend panels (trace selections)
  • Improved visibility of data panels and some other elements when using dark colour scheme
  • Bug fix: some component fonts were the wrong size
  • Bug fix: export distortion data dialog would not appear for measurements made with earlier versions of REW
  • Bug fix: Clarity values were not automatically calculated when viewing measurements with RT60 data generated before clarity calculation was added
V5.19 beta 5 21st May 2017
  • Added Outlaw Audio Model 976 equaliser setting
  • Added a stepped sine distortion measurement capability to the RTA
  • Added configurable distortion high pass and low pass filters to the RTA controls to exclude content outside the chosen frequency span
  • Highest distortion harmonic for sweep measurements changed to 9th, same as RTA
  • Added a control for the highest harmonic that will be used when calculating THD
  • Added buttons in the All SPL controls to make minimum phase and excess phase versions of a measurement
  • Added a button in the All SPL controls to make a copy of a measurement's response
  • Added buttons in the All SPL controls to time align or vector average all currently selected measurements
  • Added estimated start time of impulse response to the Info panel
  • When using acoustic timing reference take the delay figure from the start of the response instead of the peak if the peak is more than 1 ms later
  • Added a view preference to use thicker traces for averages in overlay graphs (on by default)
  • RTA uses the sig gen frequency as the fundamental if it is playing a sine wave when distortion analysis has been selected
  • Added an entry in the Info panel to track the cumulative time offsets made to the IR since it was measured
  • Added another spectrogram colour scheme, 'Heat'
  • Limit the trace colour selections in the View preferences to 30
  • Added more frequency resolution steps for the wavelet spectrogram
  • Added workaround for GodMode crash in JVM on Windows (useSystemExtensionHiding set to false)
  • Changed to Nimbus Look and Feel on Windows to work around JVM crash with Windows 10 Creators update when using system look and feel
  • Changed to Nimbus Look and Feel on Linux
  • Trace arithmetic on measurements which do not both have compatible impulse responses are carried out using whatever smoothing is already applied to the measurements
  • Bug fix: RT60 data panel showed results outside the range of the measurement
  • Bug fix: On loading a measurement an octave band filter could be left applied
  • Bug fix: Trace arithmetic division on measurements without impulse responses could fail
V5.19 beta 4 27th March 2017
  • Added a control in the View preferences for the maximum number of measurements
  • Show a scroll bar to the legend panel below the graph if there are more than 6 rows to display
  • Added a scroll bar to the left of the measurement list if the number of measurements is too large for their names to remain visible
  • Added Centre Time (TS) to RT60 plots
  • Added data panel to RT60 graph showing RT60, C50, C80, D50 and TS values
  • Changed C50, C80, D50 calculation method to use time windowing before filtering
  • Made small improvements to IR start detection for RT60 calculations
  • Added a dialog to configure settings and preview output when exporting measurement as text
  • Added a dialog to configure settings and preview output when exporting RT60 results as text
  • Added a dialog to preview output when exporting impulse response as text
  • Added delimiter and number format selections to distortion data export settings dialog
  • Changed order of info in soundcard cal measurement note so items of most interest appear at end
  • Added a measurement counter that appears in the Help -> About REW dialog
  • Removed question about applying inverse C weighting compensation when importing frequency responses
  • Disabled multiple sweeps selection when using a USB mic
  • Allow THD+N display on RTA even if fundamental frequency is too high to capture any harmonics
  • Removed the harmonic distortion dB SPL readout option when the distortion plot is normalised
  • Bug fix: UMM-6 SPL levels varied as input volume was adjusted on Windows 10
V5.19 beta 3 24th February 2017
  • Added graphs (including overlay) for clarity and definition parameters C50, C80 and D50
  • Set window ref time for the result IR of a trace arithmetic operation to the time of the peak
  • Keep 1dp resolution on window reference time spinner
  • Added code to cope with AudioSystem returning wrong line type
  • Bug fix: filter impulse response export could fail to write file if impulse response was short
  • Bug fix: REW could fail to start if the waterfall time range was out of limits
  • Bug fix: Decay rise time changes propagated to other measurements when viewed
  • Bug fix: Export IR as wav could fail if IR window was applied
  • Bug fix: Filtered IR graph did not update when reverse filtering or zero phase filtering controls were changed
V5.19 beta 2 31st January 2017
  • Added a button to reload the ASIO driver after making changes in the ASIO control panel
  • Added a workaround for Windows Java bug preventing proper display of Cyrillic characters in Audio device names
V5.19 beta 1 28th January 2017
  • Added a distortion overlay graph
  • Allow up to +/-999 dB data offsets
  • Use Arial Unicode MS under Windows when language is not English to try and improve support for Cyrillic characters
  • Set tool tip dismissal time to 5 seconds (from 8)
  • Changed default for RT60 to be one-third octave
  • Changed default for Decay slices to be filled
  • Changed default equaliser on first installation to Generic
V5.17 beta 15 23rd December 2016
  • Added a timing reference selector on the measurement dialog
  • Append -MP to the filename of exported minimum phase impulse responses
  • Ensure peak in an exported impulse response is at 1 second if the export has only one channel
  • Added a distance units selector to the View preferences
  • Changed default replay buffer for OS X to 16k and generated a new key to reset it to 16k for existing installations
  • Modified combo box UI so that the selection list is wide enough for all items in the list rather than truncating them at the box width
  • Bug fix: Length formatter didn't cope with negative distances when using feet and inches
  • Bug fix: Fractional sample shifts in the IR t=0 position did not update the window reference timing correctly
V5.17 beta 14 4th December 2016
  • Added THD and THD+N figures for the 20 Hz to 20 kHz span to the RTA distortion panel
  • Modified xml format of rePhase filter files to included enabled status, use constant Q and improve frequency resolution
V5.17 beta 13 3rd December 2016
  • Added command to export filter settings as text to filter tasks pane
  • Changed tool tip position for the graph trace selectors to move them right so they do not obscure the selector check box
  • Added a secondary ASIO output selector to the signal generator
  • Changed filter export to use decimal point as delimiter and remove grouping regardless of locale
  • Added options to save and load rePhase filter settings to and from an XML file
  • Bug fix: Target match optimiser could fail in some circumstances
  • Bug fix: Cal file loader could fail without an error message if an attempt was made to load a binary file
V5.17 beta 12 2nd November 2016
  • Added a rePhase equaliser setting, 17 constant Q parametric filters
  • Bug fix: White PN ignored LF Limit when using Custom range
  • Bug fix: Measurement name could end up with multiple annotations, annotations are no longer shown in the name in the measurement panel, only in the graph legends
  • Bug fix: Measurements after the first would fail if the Levels panel was displayed
V5.17 beta 11 11th October 2016
  • Added multichannel output selection capability, works on OS X (may work on Linux also) but not supported by Windows JRE
  • Added a View preference to show [FDW] in the measurement name if a frequency dependent window has been applied, preference is enabled by default
  • Disabled soundcard calibration when using a USB microphone (it is not applicable)
  • Set lower limit for capture monitor level meters to -60 dBFS (was -50)
  • Removed the inter-channel meters from the soundcard preferences and capture monitor
  • Updated bundled JRE to 8u102
  • Bug fix: valid start freq for measurement was not set correctly when loading a measurement that was smoothed
V5.17 beta 10 12th September 2016
  • Added input inter-channel relative gain and phase figures to the VU meters panel, active when signal generator is playing a sine wave
V5.17 beta 9 10th September 2016
  • Added sample rate to excitation description for impedance measurements
  • Bug fix: Fixed scaling error on merge B to A when measurements had different SPL calibration offsets
  • Bug fix: Impedance measurements can sometimes be affected by an inter-channel timing difference, possibly related to running the card at a different rate to the REW rate. If a timing difference of 1 sample or less occurs REW compensates for it, if more than 1 sample a warning is shown.
V5.17 beta 8 10th August 2016
  • If a USB mic is selected without having a cal file with sensitivity data loaded the SPL calibration status is cleared
  • If SPL calibration is attempted with a USB mic selected that doesn't have sensitivity data ask for the mic cal file
  • Added an equaliser setting for the Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3
V5.17 beta 7 18th July 2016
  • Bug fix: Fundamental response for distortion calculation could be incorrect (beta 5 bug)
V5.17 beta 6 14th July 2016
  • Input High Pass filter selection on soundcard preferences was previously only applied for measurements, now applies to any use of the input data
  • If a frequency-dependent window is applied its effect is shown on the windowed IR trace, included in a windowed IR export and trace arithmetic will use the FDW impulse
  • Added a peak trace to spectrum plots
  • Added peak hold and peak decay controls to the RTA window
  • No longer clear SPL calibration status if input changes - temporary changes during startup may have been causing issues for some users
  • Bug fix: With ASIO drivers the timing ref output selector was shown when first opening the measurement dialog even when not using a timing reference
  • Bug fix: RTA and Spectrum traces were drawn 3 dB lower than they should be when the axis was set to dBFS and the View option for "Full scale sine rms is 0 dBFS" was selected
V5.17 beta 5 2nd July 2016
  • Modified RT60 calculation to cope with responses that have been truncated before they reach the noise floor
V5.17 beta 4 2nd July 2016
  • Modified RT60 calculation to better cope with responses that have a large initial decay
  • Added a secondary output selector to the measurement dialog when using ASIO drivers
  • Bug fix: Schroeder trace on Filtered IR graph was not updated when filtering settings changed
V5.17 beta 3 27th June 2016
  • In distortion controls the options to limit norm. to 30 dB below peak and to use harmonic frequency as ref are only enabled when plotting normalised to fundamental as otherwise they have no effect
  • Removed 10 Hz lower limit on white periodic noise
  • Added option to use 64-bit FFT processing on RTA when need to resolve below -160 dBFS, e.g. analysing 24-bit digital data paths
  • Adjusted dual tone f1 level to match the sig gen rms level setting (means clipping occurs if level is set higher than -9 dBFS for 1:1 signals or -6 dBFS for 4:1 signals)
  • Bug fix: RTA rms level and average count not shown in correct position (beta 1 bug)
  • Bug fix: Graph axis selector could disappear when trying to select from dropdown on OS X
V5.17 beta 2 1st June 2016
  • Bug fix: graph controls window was not displayed properly (beta 1 bug)
V5.17 beta 1 31st May 2016
  • Added delay info to measurement notes when using loopback or acoustic timing reference
  • Added buttons on the graph to quickly switch between two preset frequency spans that are defined in the View preferences
  • Increased precision of distance readout on zoom box
  • Bug fix: distortion data was not generated for first measurement after startup and was wrong for first measurement after changing sweep span